Well-known « the albuminous diet » was offered for the first time by scientist Robert Atkins.
It consists of two phases: weight reduction and its maintenance at the reached level.

Main principle: to avoid the products saturated by carbohydrates: a potato, macaroni and vegetables with the high contents of starch.

It is considered, that on “hostility” to carbohydrates Atkins diet is the most strict.
The albuminous diet is full contrast – carbohydrate. It, most likely, will please those who cannot do without meat products. Twenty five years ago professor Apfelbaun prescribed patients for treatment of some forms of adiposity diets on the basis of egg albumin. But if earlier albuminous diets had more likely restrictive character, and people grew thin due to very monotonous diet now the food of an albuminous diet includes not only fibers, but also many other things nutrients.

To keep to an albuminous diet in general, it is simple enough: it is necessary to refuse fats and carbohydrates, that is to remove from a diet such products, as a potato, grain, sweet, flour products and a butter. It is recommended to consume such albuminous nutrition, as: lenten meat, a fish, the eggs, the skim milk products.
For couple of weeks being on an albuminous diet it is possible to lose about eight kgs. All the matter is that carbohydrates are a source of glucose, that is original fuel for our organism. Receive its organism can two ways. First, from food stuffs; secondly, from own stocks. Therefore at absence in the menu of carbohydrates and fats the organism has only one way: to liquidate own stocks of fat. From here and such significant weight reduction.

But as any diet has pluss and minuses, and, in opinion of experts, restriction in the use of those products or other groups not so favorably influences an organism, try to understand, that for you it is more important, that is weigh all pluss and minuses of an albuminous diet.

Plus of an albuminous diet that you really will start to grow thin, not testing famine. The albuminous food is quite capable to supply your organism with necessary fuel. It occurs because fibers are digested longer and if you, for example, have eaten a piece of meat for a dinner, you will not want to have a bite than has got till the supper.

Besides, on digestion of albuminous food the lung, for example, yoghurt is spent much more calories, than for something. Your food will differ a variety – unlike some limited diets, such as kefiric or apple. That who loves sweet this diet will not approach.

Probably, has come to choose time – either sweets, or a beautiful figure.

The main advantage of the given diet, in opinion of dietarians, it is necessary to consider that after the stop diet you will not gain excess weight if, certainly, you will not have a desire to fill lost by pies, rolls, cakes or a spaghetti with fat sauce. At reasonable moderation in nutrition you can keep the achieved result for a long time, to keep a good figure.