Popular non-invasive techniques for weight loss include diets, weight loss pills, herbal diets and saunas. Although, each of the above mentioned techniques have their pros and cons and the effectiveness of techniques vary from person to person, none of the techniques mentioned so far are free from their side effects. The latest in weight loss techniques is the apple patch diet. The apple patch diet involves applying a simple patch (similar to a nicotine patch); the patch has propriety herbal ingredients that are designed to facilitate weight loss naturally.Compared to weight loss pills, a person does not experience common side effects like indigestion, nausea and diarrhea and the apple patch diet has no major side effects whatsoever. The apple patch diet is a purely natural patch and has three key ingredients (that are all natural extracts), the three key ingredients are Garcinia Cambogia extract (a member of the pumpkin family), Guarana extract (A South American shrub) and Fucus Vesiculosus (a brown seaweed or algae). All three extracts mentioned above have known scientific significance and can lead to or facilitate weight loss.

As is the case with almost all the herbal supplements and weight loss pills available today; there is no conclusive scientific study that can attribute weight loss to ingredients like Garcinia extracts, but the truth is that many people have reported significant weight loss due to the apple patch diet. Unlike other forms of weight loss, the apple patch diet requires a person to apply a single patch that has to be changed every 3 days. Unlike weight loss pills, the apple patch diet directly administers the herbal ingredients via the skin and the transdermal patch has very little or no side effects at all.

Unlike other herbal weight loss products, the effects of each of the 3 key ingredients have been scientifically studied and documented. For example, Garcinia extracts contain a substance known as hydroxycitric acid (HCA). HCA trials on animals have been very promising and its weight loss capabilities have been tested and proven on animals. Since Garcinia is a common vegetable/fruit in Asia and the India, it is safe for human consumption and till date no serious side effects have been reported.

Guarana extracts have nearly 2 times more caffeine compared to coffee beans, Guarana extracts are actively used by Brazilians as a food and beverage additive. Apart from increasing alertness and reducing fatigue, Gurana extracts are also believed to be potent diet suppressants. Like most caffeine based diet suppressants, excessive consumption can lead to irritation, restlessness and sleeplessness, it is thus ideal to receive Gurana extracts via transdermal patches.

Fucus Vesiculosus is rich in Iodine and is an excellent stimulant of the thyroid gland. Scientific studies have proven that Fucus Vesiculosus is a viable source of Iodine; Fucus Vesiculosus extracts are known to increase energy levels and are also ideal for inducing weight loss.