The Grapefruit Diet also known as Hollywood Diet
Grapefruit Diet is a weight loss diet built solely around the humble grapefruit.
Ggrapefruit is a sub-tropical citrus tree grown for its fruit. Grapefruit
Grapefruit – a marvelous fruit, fat free, low in calories and full of vitamin C, and the pink and red hues contain the beneficial antioxidant lycopene. Pink grapefruits also contain some beta carotene. The fruit is yellow-skinned, largely oblate and ranges in diameter from 10-15 cm and has an acidic yellow segmented pulp.
Grapefruit comes in many varieties, determinable by color, which is caused by the pigmentation of the fruit in respect of both its state of ripeness and genetic bent.
Studies have shown grapefruit helps lower cholesterol and there is evidence that the seeds have low levels of antioxidant properties.

There are some grapefruit diets which just add grapefruit to a relatively healthy diet because grapefruit supposedly has some fat-burning enzyme.

The traditional grapefruit diet consists of a 7 or 21 day eating plan.
The Rule: You must eat half a grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice before every meal. The grapefruit acts as a kick-starter for fat burning. Also required to restrict your daily caloric intake to 800 calories.
Eating only 800 calories a day total are not a good weight loss solution for many people. This is a very low calorie diet that is likely to leave you feeling tired, irritable and lacking in energy.

Grapefruit Diet Meal Plan:

A grapefruit diet meal is usually composed of protein-rich foods– like bacons and eggs– and veggies that are all low in complex carbs.
Diet plan also requires drinking 8 glasses of water every day.
You cannot eat white onions, potatoes, celery, peas, cucumbers, carrots, green onions, potato chips, cabbage, tomatoes, green beans, lettuce, chili, cheese, mayonnaise, hot dogs, coleslaws, regular salad dressing green vegetables, dried nuts and butter/dill/bread pickles.

Breakfast might include two eggs and two slices of bacon followed by a serving of meat and salad for lunch.
At dinner, you might have a serving of meat or fish, a salad, and a cup of coffee or tea.

You must eat the bacon and salads. These combinations of food burn the fat.
You may double or triple helpings of meat, salad or vegetables.
Dont eat between meals.
Limit coffee intake to 1 cup per meal.
Do not eat desserts, breads, and white vegetables or sweet potatoes.

Latest research has found that the simple act of adding grapefruit and grapefruit juice to your diet, really can aid weight loss, you get these results without changing what else you eat!
Experts agree that more research is needed before rushing out to stock up on grapefruit, but even now one thing is certain – eating more grapefruit won’t damage your health and can certainly contribute to a healthy diet.

Also you can find Grapefruit Diet Pills or Grapefruit Pectin Capsules, also called Grapefruit Solution. It is not a medication.
ingredients: 200mg of Grapefruit Pectin Complex, Cellulose, Hemmicellulose, and Fiber. studies have shown that serum cholesterol levels are reduced by a daily diet containing significant amounts of pectin.

Grapefruit can have a number of interactions with drugs, , potentially causing serious side effects.
Speak to your GP before start Grapefruit Diet, other citrus fruits dont seem to have any effect.