People have been wondering how to diet for, perhaps, millennia. Before, wondering how to shed excess pounds was the province of the wealthy, who always had too much to eat. Everyone else was wondering how they were going to get enough food to sustain a healthy weight, much less how to diet. Now, affluence has allowed the agonies of dieting to preoccupy millions.Many nutritionists warn that the first few weeks of a diet are mistake prone. People are inevitably going to stumble and backslide, and they should be gentle with themselves. It might take as much as a full year before a person truly learns how to diet. That being established, the second thing a person who wants to learn how to diet should do is cut down on his or her fat intake.

 Write Down Everything
For the first couple of days of the diet the person should write down absolutely everything that he or she eats. Then, the dieter should get a book or look up a website that lists the fat content of foods. The list should be comprehensive. The purpose of this is to make sure that the daily intake of fat is below 30 percent of the calories the dieter is supposed to eat every day. This can be done by figuring out the dieter’s ideal weight, which is the weigh he or she is supposed to weigh, and determine the optimal calorie level for that weight. Then, the dieter can check the fat table and work out how many calories he or she is supposed to consume daily.

 Eat the Leanest Meats
After this, it’s time for the dieter to go shopping. He or she should go to the supermarket and buy the leanest cuts of meat. Poultry and pork are leaner than beef, and a select cut of beef is leaner than a choice cut of beef, which in turn is leaner than a select cut of beef. This doesn’t work, however, for ground beef. Processed meats have the most fat of all and should be avoided entirely. Chicken legs and thighs can now be bought without the skin, which makes hem leaner than chicken with the skin on. Then, the dieter should limit the meat to less than six ounces a day, with pasta and vegetables used to help him or her to feel the usual fullness.

Since lean meats can be tough, they can be marinated in acidic marinades that are based on lemons, vinegar or soy sauce. After being marinated in the refrigerator overnight, the meat can then be thinly sliced and stir-fried with vegetables.

Besides the reduced portions and leaner cuts of meat, the dieter should also eat fish at least three times a week. Fish is low in both total fat and unsaturated fat and can be cooked easily and quickly.

Choose Low-Fat Dairy
The dieter will also want to trade whole milk for two percent, one percent or even skim milk, though many people don’t like the taste of skim milk. Indeed, low fat dairy products should now be on the menu for good. Also, the dieter should cut down his or her egg consumption to no more than three a week including the occult eggs found in baking products. Egg substitutes are also good. Non-dairy creamers, like processed meats, are verboten. They not only taste awful, but many of them are full of saturated fat.

Fibers, Pastas and Others
The dieter should also substitute fiber for the fat that’s no longer in the diet. Whole wheat beads, pastas and grains are good. Fiber also fills the dieter up and makes him or her feel less hungry and deprived. Whole grain cereals are also excellent if a person wants to learn how to diet. They can not only be eaten for breakfast but can be crushed in a food processor or with a rolling pin and sprinkled over salads and casseroles.

Pastas don’t need to be whole grain, but they can be eaten while on a diet. Many people are surprised to find that pastas can be diet foods.

The dieter must also swear off of fried foods and turn to steaming, broiling and baking. He or she should also give up oil in favor of vinegar when dressing a salad. Flavored vinegars like tarragon vinegar are delicious. Defatted chicken broth can also be used in place of oil to keep foods from sticking to the pan.

Also, the dieter should know to drink plenty of water, especially if he or she is eating a lot of fiber. Eight eight ounce glasses of water every day will help the fiber bulk up and do its job of cleansing the digestive track as it passes through it.