Since you met your weight loss target, you probably on the lifetime maintenance phase of the diet.
This means an individualized plan that emphasizes healthier food choices and regular exercise. While still more restrictive in terms of daily intake of carbohydrates and fiber, long-term studies have yet to prove detrimental health effects from this specific phase of diet.
The Atkins diet plan, especially in its early phases, can help with short-term weight loss. However, it is very restrictive and limits the total amount of food types such as grains, vegetables, fruits and milk products.

High-Protein Diet potential side effects include but are not limited to: bad breath, weakness, muscle cramps, constipation and headaches. And, due to its high-protein nature, those with chronic kidney disease would do best to try another approach. Additionally, the option to eat a high animal protein and fatty diet is concerning for many reasons, including the long-term health of the heart and cardiovascular system.
However, this plan does encourage better choices, meaning the sources of protein can be salmon, lean chicken and others not dripping with unhealthy fats—especially trans-fats. Also, the plan discourages poor food choices such as the simple carbohydrates found in highly processed baked goods.
It is important to know that any restrictive or focused diet plan whether high protein, low-protein and high-complex carbohydrate, very low-calorie, or others — may exclude important nutrients or food groups that are needed for a healthy mind and body. The key is balancing the health risks of obesity versus the health risks of the chosen diet.
If nutritional deficiencies are known to exist with the chosen plan, supplemental vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients may be needed.

The most important long-term goal is to find a diet plan that works for you!
Everyone is different and there is no one set plan for all. Individual modifications that include a more active lifestyle, keeping total calories in check, and healthier food choices, provide a blueprint for success.