There are no two ways about it. Everybody wants to get slim to look beautiful. That is the new definition of beauty. No matter how attractive your facial features are, you have to be slim to be called beautiful. At the same time it is getting harder and harder to stay in shape mainly because our lifestyle is such that most of us do less physical work and our diet consists of high calorie junk food.

There are many ways people attempt to lose weight. Diets, pills, exercise are just a few of these methods. There are many diet pills that claim to help you get slim faster than the drop of a hat. You should be wary of such products since they can play havoc with your system. A very good example of such a weight loss pill is the Size Zero Pill. This particular pill is perhaps the latest on the weight loss circles but it is in fact, an approved FDA drug for horses and can have serious side effects on your health and can even prove fatal. It is imperative that you choose your weight loss or diet pill after careful assessment regarding its authenticity, side effects and price.
There are some completely natural and organic diet pills available that can help you slim down without any side effects. Moreover, they also help you reduce food cravings and suppress appetite naturally.
Diet pills aim to help overweight people curb their hunger and therefore lose weight. They are invariably pharmacological substances, though herbal and other natural alternatives exist, too. If diet pills contain pharmacological agents, there is an issue of benefits vs. risks involved. Obviously, grossly obese patients with serious health risks caused by excessive weight do not have many options. However, many of the initially developed diet pills contained amphetamines. Examples of these were Dexedrine and Digoxin. These stimulants can increase heart rates to dangerous levels. Obese persons often have to reduce weight precisely because of existing or developing heart conditions. In this context, diet pills that contain amphetamines or similar stimulants present a definite risk. While they do curb hunger, they also disrupt normal sleep patterns, cause anxiety and are highly addictive. Their uncontrolled use leads to many serious problems. In fact, almost all diet pills work by disrupting some natural physical and even mental functions. This is an important point to remember.

Some active ingredients for diet pills in the recent past were phentermine and fenfluramine. These work by blocking certain metabolic feedback pathways that result in weight gain. Their use in combination apparently yielded considerable success, too. However, medical authorities took fenfluramine and its derivatives off the market when studies revealed that they could lead to heart valve damage. Topiramate and phentermine combinations are currently still in use. So are combinations of bupropion with zonisamide and naltrexone.

People tend to overeat for various reasons, many of which are psychological rather than physical. For this reason, there are pills that reduce excessive appetite because they correct a psychological or even psychiatric disorder. Again, these are not diet pills but do have the desired effect of helping curb appetite in overweight people.