I am going to show you how the celebrities lose weight easily and give you some tips and tricks that many of them use to keep in shape and looking great.

Haven’t you noticed that whenever you watch TV or go to the cinema how great the stars of the show or film look? Well, in case you didn’t know already, they have to do a lot of work to stay that way, and of course if they slow down, the public will notice immediately and their reputation could be destroyed overnight.

Most celebrities have their own way of staying in shape and looking great. Eating well balanced diets is a part of life for many stars and of course having a fitness expert on hand will help.

Here are some tricks many celebrities use to stay in shape.

Some use the 40:30:30 diet. The 40 being fruits, vegetables and beans. 30 being fish, chicken and low fat dairy products. The last 30 being fish oils, olive oils, nuts etc.Combining these foods into your diet will help you to lose weight and keep in shape.

Another diet used by some women in Hollywood, is to eat high protein meals in lesser portions. This must be used in conjunction with an exercise program that consists of weight training and heart exercises. Using such a diet can put a lot of stress on your body so please be aware.

Many women stars tell you that not eating late at night, or early in the evening will help to keep your weight under control. This actually contradicts what many nutritionists believe but nevertheless it seems to work for them.

Yoga is something many top women stars do each day. Combine this with a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables will help you control your weight.

Stay away from McDonalds and other fast food outlets and stick with eating good lean meat and protein.

Drinking herbal teas is very popular with women stars. The best drink to help you stay in shape is of course Green Tea.

Basically these stars do not over-indulge in junk foods and never over eat. You too can get results like they do if you take care of your body and actually take action.

When you see something that many stars personally take each day as a part of their diet, then it really is time to sit up and take notice. One such product is now becoming very popular with many stars like Amanda Walsh, Beau Bridges, Cheryl Hines, Paula Abdul, Kate Burton, Kevin Dillon and many more is Cheia Vida.

This exotic Rain Forest formulation consisting of "Superfoods" is now becoming a part of thousands of people’s lives across the USA. With Acai, Green Tea, Cha De Bugre and Yerba Mae all ingredients within this product, it truly is a powerful health beverage.

There are of course many different products available to help you in your search for a better shape. Do some research and find products that not only help you lose weight, but also assist with improving your health.

So, if you want to diet like the stars, take heed from the advice above and most importantlyFree Reprint Articles, take action.