reduction of a food allowance and the use of low-calorie food conduct
to increase in life expectancy.
It was confirmed with the newest researches of the American scientists
from university of state of Louisiana.

In the past similar conclusions have been received during experiences
on animals. In particular, life expectancy of mice was possible to
increase by 30 percents scientists due to a special low-calorie diet

The scientific group of Louisiana for the first time has carried out
research on volunteers from local residents. As it has appeared, even
six months of the mode constructed on the use of low-calorie food,
create conditions for prolongation of term of a life and reduce
probability of development of numerous illnesses, including a cancer.

Researches were spent in group of 48 person in the age of from 25 till
50 years and possessing by excess weight. They have been divided into
four groups.

To the first group have offered a diet which contained on 25 percents
of calories less, rather than it the age and weight of its participants
demanded. Other group received on 12,5 percents of calories less and
thus should go in for sports intensively. The third group has appeared
on a diet – 890 calories in day. To last, 4 group, it was authorized to
conduct a habitual way of life and to adhere to a usual diet.

Later six months members of group which has been put on “short
rations”, have lost 14 percents of the weight, and two other groups
with the reduced quantity{amount} of calories – 10 percents

Thus it has appeared, that at 3 groups the body temperature has
slightly gone down and the level of insulin has fallen. Scientists
mark{celebrate}, that both these phenomena promote prolongation
of life.

However delay of ageing has occured and at a molecular level: speed of
destruction of parts of DNA was reduced. It in turn reduces also threat
of formation oncological diseases.

The publication of data of this experiment has coincided with the
message of Magazine of the American medical association according to
which the low-calorie diet conducts to finding even an elderly organism
of the raised{increased} elasticity of fabrics of heart and arteries.
Researches of university of state of Washington show that after six
years of a corresponding diet heart is capable to find ” the
second youth