Fresh fruits and vegetables that leave your stomach satisfied.

Bulking up your meals with water-rich fruits and vegetables is a proven waistline slimmer. Women who added lots of low-cal produce to a low-fat diet lost more weight than women who simply cut fat. Adding extra fruits and veggies helps you feel fuller. Produce is rich in moisture and fiber. Try these flavorful, in-season finds.

Produce pick: Radishes, sliced

  • Calories per cup: 19 %
  • water: 95 %

Produce pick: Cabbage, shredded

  • Calories per cup: 17%
  • water: 93%

Produce pick: Spaghetti squash

  • Calories per cup: 31%
  • water: 92%

Produce pick: Cranberries, whole

  • Calories per cup: 44%
  • water: 87%

Produce pick: Brussels sprouts, whole

  • Calories per cup: 38%
  • water: 86%

Produce pick: Kale, chopped

  • Calories per cup: 34%
  • water: 83%