Diet pills can help you to lose weight very quickly, but they should only be used when prescribed by a GP to patients who are clinically obese.

The diet pills can be few types:

Appetite Suppressants (Anorectics) diet pills
Used on a short term basis to combat obesity, usually when a monitored diet and exercise regime has been tried unsuccessfully.

this pills can sometimes have unwanted side effects such as heart valve damage.

Fat Blockers
    a few of the most popular fat blocker diet pills:

  • Trimspa
  • Xenical (or Orlistat ) or Alli – a half-strength version of Xenical
  • Chitosan Plus
  • Cortipren
  • NV
  • Cortislim
  • Zantrex

Xenical is the major prescription drug.
Most fat blockers are based on Chitosan, fat inhibitor.
The beauty of these drugs is that the user does not need to cut fatty foods or carbs from their diet.

Fat Burners
Fat Burners reduce the amount of fat stored in your body.
Diuretic pills
Not the most healthy way to lose weight. these drugs are supposed to work by reducing your excess body water.
and Placebos pills
Diet pills that contain nothing , just sugar or chalk etc. Placebos effect based on person’s beliefs and hopes in Magical Pills or diet supplement.

Some diet pills formerly contained ephedra until that ingredient was banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Natural Weight Loss – Herbal Diet Pills

Hoodia , primary active ingredient is Hoodia gordonii (the African succulent plant )
Hoodia Gordonii is also availeble as weight loss pills

As any weight loss diet if you stop taking weight loss diet pills you may be subject to regaining all of the weight you lost. The best and safest way to lose weight and keep it off is through a well-balanced diet and regular exercise.