No one needs to be told that there are a large number of differences between the genders, however despite that knowledge, many diet sites continue to give out generic, one size fits all weight loss tips without acknowledging that weight loss for men is a very different game than weight loss for women.

First of all, weight loss for men is complicated by the relative ease with which men tend to both shed and gain the pounds. At first glance this seems to be a good thing for men, but the thing that many weight loss sites fail to communicate to these men is that the consequences of backsliding on their weight loss plans, even a small amount, can potentially be far greater than the same amount would be for women.Another major oversight that relates primarily to weight loss for men would be the massive importance of anaerobic exercise, or strength-training. Many websites will advocate primarily cardiac fitness, such as running, when it comes to weight loss. However, building muscle can actually be a far more effective way to drop fat than simply burning calories, and the abundance of testosterone in men can make building muscle even more effective in the fight against fat.

Still another perk that helps men a significant amount is their outlook. Generally men tend to have a more positive outlook on their weight gains, and as such are far less likely to take harsh measures that can actually cause significant problems down the road. Also, when men do begin to lose weight their goals tend to be much more reasonable compared to goals set by women. This helps build confidence when the fruit of their labors pay off.

However, everything is not necessarily easier for men. The total recommended body fat composition for men lies somewhere in the ten to fifteen percent range, while women are considered to be healthy as long as they lie between twenty to twenty-five. Furthermore, while men tend to have a more favorable outlook on their own weight, this can also have negative consequences. Many men tend to not see their weight gain as a problem until something significant happens, such as heart disease or diabetes.

One final risk that many men tend to run into is once more a problem of perception. Many men tend to see dieting and weight loss products in general as ‘feminine’ or ‘unmanly’. This can range from a reluctance to eat certain foods, such as salads when eating out, or even in over-consumption of such stereotypically manly foods such as red meats and beers. These eating habits tend to be one of the more significant hurdles men face when they attempt to lose weight, and they often are only made worse through peer pressure.

Weight loss for men is truly a completely different beast than the more traditionally talked about weight loss for women. While there are many benefits that men have, there are just as many troubles that need to be addressed on their own.